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#PLHistory #PremierLeagueStories #PL on 09 September 1993 – “Its time for Someone Else to have a go” admitted Manchester City Chairman Peter Swales Ahead of change of Ownership #MCFC

A day after Manchester City co-owner Stephen Boler said that he would consider selling his 30% shareholding in the club, Peter Swales, the largest shareholder at 38% and the chairman at the club said that he wanted to keep going but it was probably time to give someone else the chance to run the club. These statements came amidst rumours that City Legend Francis Lee, 49 who had made 248 appearances for the club was set to take over the club.

Peter Swales said “I would love to keep going but I realize its probably time for someone else to have a go. If we can get the right deal we will do it. Time marches on, doesn’t it? The only thing that will delay some kind a of new regime is people causing disturbances and rioting, because that won’t help proceedings. It wont help us to come to a proper decision quickly.”

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